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2nd March 2015

3:07pm: Внезапно.
Внезапно обнаружила, что доступ к статистике теперь платный, и именно поэтому теперь не приходят уведомления о добавивших в друзья...Простите, если кому ответила спустя долгое время, я не нарочно.


2nd January 2014


С Новым :)

9th December 2013

7:28pm: "Bigudi Show"



Director/D.o.P. - Ivan Tsupka
Producer - Vyacheslav Dergachev
Style - Svetlana Symonovich, Lilya Kish, Eva Storm,
Backstage photo - Elena Sydorenko aka Evastorm. Make-Up Artist.
Special thanks - Alisa Cosmos , Kyrill Kharitontsev, Lyuda Slez

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26th November 2013


13th November 2013

1:00pm: Behind the Scenes of "Sadorama Hell"


"Sadorama Hell"
client: Xlib Kyiv
prodaction: OVERStyled
photo, style, MuA: Elena Sydorenko aka Evastorm. Make-Up Artist.
models: Marina, Jess, Masha, Anton, Max, Andrew Move

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31st October 2013

3:16pm: "Sadorama Hell"
Мы. Сняли.

Sadorama HELL from Ivan Tsupka on Vimeo.

ad for "Sadorama Hell" party

Overstyled studio and XLIB club
Idea and Scenario - Ivan Tsupka and Andrew Move
Director - Ivan Tsupka
Director of Photography - Ivan Tsupka
Executive producer - Andrew Move
Line producer - Anton Feuer
Style and Make-Up - Eva Storm
Music and sound design - Andrew Move
Cast - Frau Muller, Jessy Jess, Maria Karma, Anton Feuer, Zen, Oksimain, Andrew Move
Backstage photography - Eva Storm
Special Thanks - Sam Aint, Pautina, Lena, Dasha, Misha and, of course, all of animals

25th October 2013

3:20pm: SADOrama! Move to Hell.

SADOrama. Move to Xlib Club on Halloween.

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9th October 2013

2:08am: UFW is OPEN.

It's me.

photo by Tsupka

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2nd October 2013

1:35pm: before & after


17th August 2013

2:52pm: My MUA work!

Nicole Scherzinger is beautiful!
Thank the Universe and S * EVENT for a wonderful experience with the performer at this level.

‪#‎working_hard‬ ‪#‎make_up‬‪ #‎thenicolescherzinger‬

photo "granted" ‪#‎instagram‬ Nicole))) & S*EVENT

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 2.23.06 PM



Congratulate me!

For clarity, who she:

12th August 2013

8:46pm: Purple Rain.

New. Original. NEVER Used. Born in 1984.

19th July 2013

9:57pm: Ecstasy Cat.

Наш кот сошел с ума :)))

7th June 2013

3:53am: Nothing Compares to You.


19th March 2013

5:57pm: Boyfriend Jeans.

К слову: о правильных "бойфрендах"

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1st March 2013

12:16am: Chili-paste.


фотография (2))))фотография (3)

фотография (4)фотография (0)

18th February 2013

11:40pm: Crazy Horse- Crazy Look!

22nd January 2013

8:07pm: фотография (22)
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